Perfect, little, La La Land

What does it take to make a movie perfect? A question that has no truthful answer; mostly due to the fact that part of whether a movie is perfect is whether or not it appeals to you. For La La Land the biggest obstacle for most people is that it is first and foremost a musical. While it is somewhat shortsighted to dismiss a movie just for this reason, it can still be an obstacle. In the case of La La Land, I strongly urge you to attempt and see the songs as another way of storytelling. A way that allows you to close your eyes and explore the scene by imagining it with the music and lyrics that are being handed to you.

La La Land brings to life the story of Mia (Emma Stone), a wanna-be actress who is having no luck in the tough land of auditions. Oppposite her is Ryan Gosling as the seemingly carefree Jazz musician Sebastian. What some people might call fate brings them together. A story of chasing dreams and tough choices in order to make those same dreams come true.

lalalandFlawlessly timed silences are followed by crescendos. The lights dim, making no mistake about where the viewer’s attention should linger. In this sense the movie is easy to keep up with, it would almost become boring where it not for the upbeat jazz music with which you can’t help but tap along. Perfect. Is anything truly perfect? La La Land gives it a crack, and low and behold comes out on the other side standing up straight. Perfection for this movie is in the details that all come together in perfect harmony. Sound, lights, camera, and a pinch of humor.

A rollercoaster of emotions. Pure joy with the opening scene that reminds of “The Young Girls of Rochefort,” because La La Land is a mash up of some of Hollywood’s classic musicals; Aisha Harris was kind enough to give us a list. La La Land ticks of every major emotion you can think of, joy, anger sadness; melancholia. It’s all there, and no truthful person can watch this movie without pinching away a tear or letting out a laugh. It’s ‘realness’ is what makes La La Land so…. real. The events are possible, life sucks, but please, please keep dreaming to make it better, because without dreams, where would we be today.

The tagline of the movie is ” Here’s to the fools who dream.” You would be a fool if you don’t start thinking about your own dreams after seeing this masterpiece.

5.0 Stars
January 22nd, 2017

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