Rookie mistakes in Suicide Squad

Highly anticipated. The first numbers that rolled in even before its first weekend showed exactly how highly anticipated Suicide Squad was. Is it possible to live up to such expectations? DC had something to make up for after the failed Batman vs Superman, however it is highly doubtful whether this was the right answer.

The story is about a team of bad guys that are put together by some government officials that are high up in the ranks. A top secret covert ops team. Like most movies based on comics an antagonist is needed. In this case the antagonist turns out to be one of the initial team. Once more the government had no clue what they had gotten themselves into. Now the rest of the Suicide Squad has to fix their problems.

The movie industry has been exhausted. Fewer and fewer original scripts reach the white screen. Unfortunately, Suicide Squad is no different. Halfway down making the film changes had to be made as it was deemed too grim. The script received a complete overhaul which has not made the end result any better. Little chopped up pieces of film seem to have been put together. At the start characters are introduced, but this takes far too long and giving each one a different song in the background only makes it feel more chopped up. While Warcraft maybe lacked extensive character introduction, it still pulled it off. Suicide Squad could do without the bits they had and maybe have focused more on the core storyline. Later on in the movie flashbacks are used here and there as well as casual conversation in order to get a glimpse of some the history of the squad members. This works a lot better, even though it is far from executed perfectly.

A little mystery adds to the suspense. For example in the Avengers series there is little know about Black Widow. While little by little we get to know more, it’s in really small portions. Suicide Squad gives everything away right from the start. When the squad captain announces Katana as his personal helper we get a look at her past, but it feels forced and later on the exact same incident is repeated in conversation. Having just the latter would have been more than enough.

With all the introductions it is incredibly easy to spot the cannon fodder. Characters that are only added to prove a point to other characters. So-called redshirts. It is such a shame that such an enormous project makes rookie mistakes like these. The whole movie is predictable and lacks any kind of innovation. It is entertaining sure, but if that’s all movies can be these days and it leave little to the imagination the viewer it is no wonder the industry will take a tumble.

There are good aspects though. These can mostly be found in the acting. Notably Margot Robbie who brings to life the crazy Harley Quinn in a phenomenal manner. From the few moments we see her as a sane psychiatrist in the Arkham Asylum to the crazy person who steps into danger without giving it any thought to her heartbreak over the Joker. Another great performance is that of Jay Hernandez who plays Diablo. A villain that hates being one, and is being torn when they actually enter combat. Looking tough and sensitive at the same time is an admirable achievement.

A fun night out. That’s what this movie is really. However, there is a complete lack of ingenuity and proper story telling. DC and Warner Bros are trying too hard and it shows. This makes the movie tough to get through for the seasoned moviegoer.

2.0 Stars
August 6th, 2016

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