No surprises in Allegiant

Where Insurgent had some surprising elements, most notably a minor plot twist, Allegiant fails to surprise those that haven’t read the book. From the first notable death right up until where you find out the good guy isn’t really a good guy, Allegiant is very consistent in it’s predictability.

Allegiant picks up where Insurgent left off. With more knowledge about what is behind the wall that surrounds Chicago and dictator Jeanine having bit the dust. The first few seconds give a quick overview to bring the viewer back to the story in case it has been a while since you saw the previous parts. The next goal for Tris and Four is to explore what is behind that wall exactly.

'The Divergent Series: Allegiant'

Four takes the lead, even more so than in Insurgent. While Tris is the one that is pure and is the focus of the story, decisions are mostly made and led by Four. This is particularly clear in the first venture behind the wall where Tris and the rest of the group follow Four like puppies and obey his orders without hesitating. Even more so than in the previous movie the message seems to be that Tris is incapable of making the right decisions at the right time.

While this is perhaps not meant to be a reflection of all women it is rather insulting that the moment Tris enters the Bureau outside of Chicago she and she alone is dressed in white and so-called flattering clothes. The white can of course be explained as to visually reflect her unique pureness. Yet why does she suddenly have to walk around in a skirt and high heels. She is completely stripped of the slight amount of fighter that is still left in her. She is portrayed as an insecure woman, incapable of making her own decisions. Her words speak the opposite, they are supposed to be decisive yet her actions contradict this. It is a shame that the powerful young girl from Divergent seems to have been completely eradicated.

The story in itself is predictable, although the use of silences is excellent and refreshing in a day and age where the soundtrack more often than not replaces this. However, this does not make up for the lack of originality in the plot. On top of that the acting is not particularly strong and for most characters it is all rather hesitant. Though, in a way, this does reflect the uncertainty the world is in at that time and as such it may have been the director’s intention to have the actors perform their role the way they did.

Although I have not read the books, yet I hope this film does not properly reflect it’s written counterpart. As that would mean the book too is just another young adult novel, not worth mentioning. For fans of the Divergent Series I suppose it could be just what they wanted and if one regards this as purely entertainment to pass the time the movie does what it needs to. However, outstanding, marvelous or contingent unfortunately are not words that describe this movie. Better adjectives would be common, ordinary, and calculable.

1.5 Stars
March 21st, 2016
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