Deadpool breaks all rules, much like its protagonist

Go see it.

I am tempted to not even try to convince you to go see Deadpool in any other way. There is so much to say about this movie it is probably wiser to start a discussion about positive and negative (really? You know I am kidding right; negative things about Deadpool… right) aspects of this beloved filmmaking project rather than this wanna-be writer telling you what’s good and bad about it. However, it’s what I attempt to do, so here goes:

Who is Deadpool? A supposed superhero whose mutant powers are released after ex-Special Forces operative Wade Wilson gets an experimental treatment to cure his terminal cancer. As a result of the procedure Wilson loses his soulmate, which is the perfect excuse for a vendetta and so Deadpool sets out to find the man who made him lose his face and his girl.

R-rated. And for a reason. Deadpool features pretty much everything straitlaced America frowns upon: nudity, profanity, rough sex, farts, dirty jokes. The creation of this movie was a labor of love and as a result it is the first superhero movie that actually adheres to the original story and does justice to the comic and the comic character. It makes up for the shortsighted representation of Wade Wilson in Wolverine; indubitably it wouldn’t be Deadpool if there was not a snide remark somewhere in the movie to take the piss at this. Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller made it their mission, per fan request, to make the greatest superhero movie ever, and the result is not too shabby.

Deadpool is a rollercoaster of witty, resourceful comments on everything that is popular culture. Part of this, of course, is incorporating the viewer in this experience. Call it rash, call it laughable, call it whatever you want, it is what makes Deadpool unique. The movie is very much like the superhero it is about: a rule breaker. There are unwritten rules about filmmaking and the movie version of Deadpool is actually almost a comic in itself with, among other things, its on screen drawings and fourth wall breaking.

Arguably the best thing about this movie, though, are the post-production efforts. The marketing has been genuinely amazing, truly making the fans long for this epic adventure into the mind of Wade Wilson without giving away the complete plot or every giggle worthy joke. Where the trailer made you laugh out loud, the movie will make you roll over the floor laughing (which might seem silly in a movie theatre).

Deadpool is a mix between comedy and drama, but our superhero turns even the most dramatic moments into a laughing stock. It dares to be different and gives a more than welcome change from the ever-predictable superhero movies we have gotten so used to since Marvel started pooping them out every year. It is not so much the plot that will take your breath away, but rather the complete disregard of people’s feelings in the best way possible that makes this hero super.

4.5 Stars
February 11th, 2016

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