I’m Jade, a slightly sarcastic girl from the rural parts of the Netherlands. Some people call me a pessimist, I say I’m a realist. This down-to-earth sense is something I try to convey in my movie reviews. While I try to be objective it is very well possible that you already have caught a glimpse of my preferences in movies. I’m a fan of Pixar, and have a weakness for Quentin Tarantino (although I do not really appreciate the horse killing in Django Unchained, as that interfered with my other hobby). However, I give every movie a chance, and more often than not am surprised by the creative mind of filmmakers.

With my reviews I hope to not only have an outlet for my urge to write and talk about movies, but to also give you as a reader an idea about the movie and whether or not it is worth watching. A movie is rarely what it seems and everyone has a different opinion, in the end that is what this is: my opinion. If you disagree on things I say I welcome your comments for a healthy discussion!

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